Project Catch Up – Eclipse Viewer

The Eclipse 2017. So many emotions. Definitely on the bandwagon now. We had eclipse glasses but I made a viewer from a cereal box to look at and it worked well. Don’t mind the center blob – didn’t quite make a perfect circle for that one.IMG_20170821_130023

Asgard/Bifrost quilt design

I love all things rainbow which of course includes the Rainbow Bridge! I wanted to make a baby quilt showing Asgard and the Bifrost and tried to design something on graph paper and then Excel (my favorite-usually-free-quilting-tool). Not sure it’s obvious though…

Asgard graph paperasgard excel

Rainbow Crown

I’ve been trying to downsize my craft supplies in an attempt to make it easier on myself a few years down the line when we move house. I decided to make one last crown to use up my beads and then give my supplies away. I barely put a dent in my crown beads, smh. Here’s an in progress pic of just the red/orange/yellow section. I somehow magically had 7 sections of color (ROYGBPP) and a 21″ crown so each section of 2 inches of a color and 1 inch of overlap with the next color.


Once the crown was done, I toyed with adding some details to give the illusion of being taller but it was so much work I took the section I did out. I didn’t think it looked bad though.IMG_20180731_125416

Final product. Debating keeping it to wear on Halloween or give away to a friend. It’s just so pretty I kind of want to keep it despite the fact that I will NEVER wear it out. IMG_20180731_121055_427

Project Catch Up – Alterations

I don’t do a lot of clothes sewing anymore (one day!) but I got this great jacket for free from my last job but it was about 1.5 sizes too big for me so I altered the sides and arms to fit me better. I removed the company logo and added a Betan Astronomical Survey patch on it. I’d gotten the patch from a sci fi convention years ago and dusted it off to put on this jacket.


Project Catch Up – Owl Quilt

Due to going to back to school, I’ve not been keeping up with my craft projects. And once school started, my crafting took a nosedive as well. But here’s a catch up post of some of the projects I’ve completed in the meantime.

Hogwarts Owl quilt for a baby shower back in July. I put the blanket into a cage with a picture of a similar looking owl in it and made a tag for Eeylops Owl Emporium.