unicorns for everyone!

A couple of weeks ago, a unicorn appeared on the internet in the form of a rare, good condition 1991 Honda Civic RT4WD. Everyone ooh’d and ahh’d appropriately and nodded their heads in agreement, that such a thing would not be seen again for years to come. It was up for sale in Colorado and just like other sightings of this mythical beast, it disappeared almost as soon as it appeared.  It was sold within a day of being posted on the forums and many wept over the lost opportunity.

Unbeknownst to the new owner of the unicorn however, a new child was on the way and there would be no room for a baby AND a unicorn, what with accidental horn impalings, the impending lawsuits, complaints about unicorn poop in the neighborhood, and general costs of raising a child.  So with a heavy heart, the new owner put the unicorn up for sale again.

Well, when a second opportunity to get a unicorn comes your way, you don’t hesitate and so Jacob and I found ourselves flying to Sacramento to buy this particular unicorn and drive it 32 hours back to Wisconsin. We started driving on a Wednesday and made it home in the wee hours of Saturday morning.sacrtowhitemap

As with most journeys driving a 25 year old car over eight states, we ran into some issues along the way but made it we did.

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