30 days of crafting

Starting March 1st, I’m hoping to set aside a few hours each night to craft and make. I have a back log of kits I’ve acquired over the years and working through them will help declutter my craft room and of course, make room for other supplies.

In the meantime, I’m working on organizing the craft room so I can re-establish it as the micronation of Caitoria. Now that I have access to a laser cutter, I’m hoping to make official ID cards, a laser cut map, and perhaps a flag or sign to hang up. It’s all very hilarious in my head but who knows what it will look like in execution.

vintage handkerchiefs

I was asked by a manager to convert her wedding dress into some handkerchiefs for her daughter’s upcoming nuptials. She had a non-traditional wedding dress made from cotton or muslin with some very pretty embroidery on the bottom. I was able to cut the pieces down to roughly 14.5″ rectangles and hemmed three of the edges down, keeping the original embroidered hem.

stained glass star

I’ve done some copper foiling and soldering before but not technically a stained glass piece. Having a chance to take a one day class, I headed to Madison College to make a simple star.  IMG_20160206_101815Here’s the glass all cut out and edge ground. The square bevels were store-bought to keep the class easy and short. I was surprised that no rulers were involved. The first exposure I had to stained glass five years ago made it seem a cork-backed ruler was absolutely necessary.IMG_20160206_111136

After copper foiling the edges, the numbered order had to change due to a bit of a shape change by all the pieces. The larger-than-normal push pins kept all the pieces in place while I tack soldered all the pieces together. I soldered the back first, then the front, and ended up with something like this:IMG_20160206_115539

After smoothing out the solder, adding some hooks and washing it of my marks and flux, the finished product against a snowy background. I ended up giving it to my mom for Lunar New Year.



I love making things. And though people always encourage me to sell what I make, my real joy and passion comes from teaching people how to make things themselves.  Starting in 2016, I hope to spread the act of making by offering workshops and make-and-take sessions through out the year to anyone who will listen. I hope to grow or rekindle that spark of creativity in people through small acts of making.