stained glass star

I’ve done some copper foiling and soldering before but not technically a stained glass piece. Having a chance to take a one day class, I headed to Madison College to make a simple star.  IMG_20160206_101815Here’s the glass all cut out and edge ground. The square bevels were store-bought to keep the class easy and short. I was surprised that no rulers were involved. The first exposure I had to stained glass five years ago made it seem a cork-backed ruler was absolutely necessary.IMG_20160206_111136

After copper foiling the edges, the numbered order had to change due to a bit of a shape change by all the pieces. The larger-than-normal push pins kept all the pieces in place while I tack soldered all the pieces together. I soldered the back first, then the front, and ended up with something like this:IMG_20160206_115539

After smoothing out the solder, adding some hooks and washing it of my marks and flux, the finished product against a snowy background. I ended up giving it to my mom for Lunar New Year.


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