days 4-6

Called Orbital Odyssey, the pattern was fairly easy to get the hang of. The kit aaaaalmost had enough rings for two bracelets but not quite.  I might make some earrings out of it, however.


Finally tackled a macrame project from ages ago.  I had no idea how difficult macrame was mostly because I’m not super adept at tying precise knots.  Making sure knots were X distance from the previous knot was pretty difficult for me as a new craft. I’m even more in awe of my mom’s old planter holders she’d made to decorate our apartment.


This came from one of those craft subscription boxes that I never got around to making. The craft was pretty…lame and involved stencil painting a letter onto the bag and filling it with lavender. The lavender was fantastic and the stencil part might have been alright if the paint they’d provided was anything but pink.  Blecch. But it’s done and I have three sachets of fantastic smelling lavender to put up in closets.



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