day 7

Through a couple of old coworkers, I discovered that there is a stained glass shop in Janesville, a town only 30 minutes from my house. This made things infinitely easier to take classes as I thought I’d have to travel to Madison or Milwaukee to take a class.  The Glass Garden is a fantastic store run by the lovely Judy. On day 7 of my craft month, I attended a glass cutting class to learn how to cut straight lines, curves, inner curves, and circles.  I was able to try out several different types of glass cutters and had a great time learning the different cuts and about carbide wheels, surface tension on glass and safety.  I’m really glad I attended because I learned so much but also because I found out that a couple of people in her sold-out beginning class were a no-show so I was able to get into her class!

Part of why I’m really excited is that I’ve been looking for a new craft to really dive into. The last craft I really did this with was sewing and I delved into it so hard that I actually became a full-time sewing teacher for awhile.  Since then, and while I still really love sewing, I’ve been looking for something new to get into and I’m hoping stained glass is it based on my level of interest and the somewhat easy startup cost.

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