Gray/Blue Baby Blanket

Another baby blanket for Jacob’s coworker who recently had a baby. They said their baby room was mostly gray and a little blue so I made a simple triangle quilt for them. I think it came out pretty nicely considering it was my first time with equilateral triangles.


Mountains meet the Ocean Shoes

Loved the marker shoes project so much I made another pair with a friend. This time, a mis-matched color scheme which has since drawn a lot of comments from strangers. I had no idea they’d become a conversation starter! I’ve had fun proselytizing about the ease and absolute joy in the end results. I have another pair that have a light blue base that I’m going to work on next – I am definitely obsessed.



I enjoy going to the ever popular “paint nites” with friends but usually, the paintings aren’t quite what I’d like to paint or I do a terrible job on them. This time, however, I managed to make a pretty cute painting, something I consider good enough to put up on the wall. The class was held at Arte in Wauwatosa, WI and their art space was pretty cute. I would do it again if I saw a painting I liked. Behold: Chik-ken!