Project Catch Up – Coloring

So, I was very late to the “adult coloring” bandwagon because I hate coloring with colored pencils and the markers were kind of cost-prohibitive. But I found a cheap alternative in Sharpies and am now a full-blown convert. I’ve even joined a meetup group hosted by the nicest organizer.IMG_20170902_143744IMG_20171230_125621

Project Catch Up – Alterations

I don’t do a lot of clothes sewing anymore (one day!) but I got this great jacket for free from my last job but it was about 1.5 sizes too big for me so I altered the sides and arms to fit me better. I removed the company logo and added a Betan Astronomical Survey patch on it. I’d gotten the patch from a sci fi convention years ago and dusted it off to put on this jacket.


Project Catch Up – Owl Quilt

Due to going back to school, I’ve not been keeping up with my craft projects. And once school started, my crafting took a nosedive as well. But here’s a catch-up post of some of the projects I’ve completed in the meantime.

Hogwarts Owl quilt for a baby shower back in July. I put the blanket into a cage with a picture of a similar-looking owl in it and made a tag for Eeylops Owl Emporium.