Knitting/Crocheting December 2018

In the 2018-2019 school year, I started a yarn club at school for other students and so ended up knitting and crocheting at least once a week and teaching others how to get started in yarncraft. I made a ton of scarves that winter to donate to the Food Pantry at school for students who didn’t have winter gear. Here are two of my favorites.



Finally into the present for craft projects! In the first round, I made 65 masks for friends and family. I’m still experimenting with which styles but I do like the pleated tie kind right now. Next round may be the more contoured mask and I’ll have to experiment with elastic. I just don’t think they provide as tight a fit as ties do.


Been awhile

It’s April of 2020 and most of the world is in isolation. I’m studying and working from home and it occurred to me to update the blog on what I’ve been making the past three years. To be totally honest, I’ve not been making a whole lot. I started university as an adult and it ate up a lot of my time, which of course is expected, but I also lost some of the school-work-life balance and worked myself to the bone to achieve a 4.0 but at the cost of a bunch of mental health along with one of my main outlets for stress, crafting.

Am I doing better? Yes and no. Amid the spread of COVID-19, not so much. Being in quarantine at home is its own kind of stress that the world is having to deal with collectively. Some of us are doing better than others, some of us are only outwardly doing alright, and some of us are not doing well at all. I think I hit all three states a few times a day to be honest.

Anyway, here’s to maybe crafting a bit more on the regular and hoping we find a remedy and a vaccine to COVD-19.