I enjoy going to the ever-popular “paint nites” with friends but usually, the paintings aren’t quite what I’d like to paint or I do a terrible job on them. This time, however, I managed to make a pretty cute painting, something I consider good enough to put up on the wall. The class was held at Arte in Wauwatosa, WI and their art space was pretty cute. I would do it again if I saw a painting I liked. Behold: Chik-ken!


30 days of crafting recap

2016 was a great year for my crafting challenge. I managed to craft a little bit each night almost 85%  of the time in March.  Last year, I crafted about 47% before abandoning the challenge. One thing that helped greatly was having a class scheduled during the month. It helped with not having to come up with something to do each night which can be an issue despite having a slew of kits I could have worked on. And stained glass being a relatively new skill, it was nice to learn something new versus just working on the same old crafts.

Finished stained glass panel + mini cat tax!


day 3

Finished the dice bag! Used twine for the drawstring for now but I plan on switching it out to a cord later.


Later that night, I working on a gnome house pillow that I thought turned out just okay. It was cuter when it was flat and I now wish I’d turned it into a totebag more than a pillow.  It was fun going through my stash to find all the green bits and bobs.


Cat Tax.


day 1

Day 1 of 30 days of crafting involved a lot of starts and stops. I started to work on a felt flower headband but couldn’t find my glue sticks so I put that away. Then I started on a watercolor mini poster but sort of hated how it was turning out so I actually tossed it (not the watercolors) and then settled on this large scalemail bag I started last year and set aside.


I still need to add the cinch drawstring to the top which I should be able to finish tonight.IMG_20160302_083211

Cat Tax.IMG_20160301_223028

my best buddy

senna the bionic dog

senna the bionic dog, sunbathing

He came to us as Goose. We found him one Friday night in January during an impromptu visit to the Wisconsin Humane Society. I’d been visiting off and on for three years, ooh-ing and aww-ing at all the wiggly ones, the scared ones, and the hopeful ones. He caught my eye initially because I have a penchant for herding dogs and he looked like an Australian Cattle Dog mix. We had our paperwork on file and got to play with him right away.  Despite being in a shelter, despite all the stress of other stressed out dogs, strange people, and chemical smells, he responded to us right away. In the play area, we called him by his shelter name and he’d come running to us like he’d known us all his life.  He was bright, responded to our new-to-him voices, and seemed so happy. We got him that night.