Knitting/Crocheting December 2018

In the 2018-2019 school year, I started a yarn club at school for other students and so ended up knitting and crocheting at least once a week and teaching others how to get started in yarncraft. I made a ton of scarves that winter to donate to the Food Pantry at school for students who didn’t have winter gear. Here are two of my favorites.



Finally into the present for craft projects! In the first round, I made 65 masks for friends and family. I’m still experimenting with which styles but I do like the pleated tie kind right now. Next round may be the more contoured mask and I’ll have to experiment with elastic. I just don’t think they provide as tight a fit as ties do.


Rainbow Crown

I’ve been trying to downsize my craft supplies in an attempt to make it easier on myself a few years down the line when we move house. I decided to make one last crown to use up my beads and then give my supplies away. I barely put a dent in my crown beads, smh. Here’s an in progress pic of just the red/orange/yellow section. I somehow magically had 7 sections of color (ROYGBPP) and a 21″ crown so each section of 2 inches of a color and 1 inch of overlap with the next color.


Once the crown was done, I toyed with adding some details to give the illusion of being taller but it was so much work I took the section I did out. I didn’t think it looked bad though.IMG_20180731_125416

Final product. Debating keeping it to wear on Halloween or give away to a friend. It’s just so pretty I kind of want to keep it despite the fact that I will NEVER wear it out. IMG_20180731_121055_427

Mountains meet the Ocean Shoes

Loved the marker shoe project so much I made another pair with a friend. This time, a mismatched color scheme which has since drawn a lot of comments from strangers. I had no idea they’d become a conversation starter! I’ve had fun proselytizing about the ease and absolute joy in the end results. I have another pair that has a light blue base that I’m going to work on next – I am definitely obsessed.


Rainbow Shoes

I already own a pair of galaxy shoes from the store but never really found any rainbow shoes to my liking so I made my own. There are a ton of videos out there on how to do this so I won’t recreate the instructions here. I really love the watercolor effect of the individual drops from the alcohol. They were so easy to make that I will probably make more in summer flats as well.