day 15

I’m working on a new baby quilt for an Australian couple who live in the United States and decided to try another half square triangle quilt again. I’m not sure why since the last HST quilt was so labor intensive but I just loved how it turned out so I thought I’d try again but in the shape of Australia.  I did this in MS Excel for lack of a better program. We’ll see how it turns out!


ticker tape baby blanket

After the HST heavy Texas quilt, I thought I’d do something with less structure and less planning. I also wanted to use up more scrap fabric so while looking up scrap quilts, I ran across something called a ticker tape quilt where you basically sew scrap pieces of fabric on TOP of the quilt instead of piecing them together.

I loved some of the designs out there but filling an entire quilt seemed a bit daunting as you need to sew each individual piece to reduce the fraying.  So, I decided to do some random streaks for a friend’s new baby. Her baby’s room colors are yellow, green, teal with some neutral gray.  Based on that, I ended up with this:

IMG_20150808_110006 (1)

texas baby quilt

My fourth quilt ever turned out to be a Texas baby quilt for my former coworker who had a baby girl in May.  I bought the pattern before the baby was born but didn’t manage to get it started until three months after the baby was born. Oops.

Not being a huge fan of pastel baby blankets, I thought I’d do a red, white, and blue themed baby quilt for the baby Texan. I went to Joann’s and spent a couple of hours searching for fabric that had muted reds and blues in it. I already had a pattern picked out, an HST heavy quilt from Must Love Quilts called Texas Forever.  I modified the shape a little bit and made it smaller and used a darker gray fabric as the neutral fabric.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out. I may have messed up on the card and not clipping all the strings but that’s another story.