my best buddy

senna the bionic dog

senna the bionic dog, sunbathing

He came to us as Goose. We found him one Friday night in January during an impromptu visit to the Wisconsin Humane Society. I’d been visiting off and on for three years, ooh-ing and aww-ing at all the wiggly ones, the scared ones, and the hopeful ones. He caught my eye initially because I have a penchant for herding dogs and he looked like an Australian Cattle Dog mix. We had our paperwork on file and got to play with him right away.  Despite being in a shelter, despite all the stress of other stressed out dogs, strange people, and chemical smells, he responded to us right away. In the play area, we called him by his shelter name and he’d come running to us like he’d known us all his life.  He was bright, responded to our new-to-him voices, and seemed so happy. We got him that night.